Blank Atlas goes live: Welcome!

I always think it looks a little odd when a new blog begins with a post saying “there’s nothing here yet, but we hope you will come back later when we are ready”, so before announcing this blog and going live and public I have pre-populated it with a few newly written posts and a few old posts recycled from my previous blog that will give readers something to look at while we are getting started and will give everybody an idea of what this blog is about. I don’t feel too bad about recycling a few Geography posts from my previous blog because one of the reasons I have started this new blog is so that I have somewhere specifically Geographical to put my specifically Geographical ramblings. The Geography was getting a bit lost amongst the crud and dust in the other place, so I thought it would be nice to have a shiny new blog where readers interested in the Geography / Teaching stuff could find it without wading through the all the other bits and pieces. This blog is specifically and exclusively for things to do with teaching, Geography, and teaching Geography. I may one day even have a post on whether I should really do something about my habit of spelling Geography with a Capital G!

It would be a downright lie to promise Geography-365 and a future of daily blogging, and probably rash even to mention that I have a vague idea of doing it as Geography-100 ( a couple of posts a week), so perhaps I’ll just keep quiet on how this is going to turn out in the long run and treat it like these geographical ramblings themselves: something of an adventure and an exploration on which, of course, I would be delighted for all of you to join me!

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