The Geographer’s Vacation

IMG_3747-1 - CopyThe sharp-witted amongst you will have noticed a longer gap than usual  since our last post, and will have surmised, correctly, that Blank Atlas is enjoying a summer vacation.

However, a Geographer’s vacation is not like that of, say, a brain surgeon. Brain surgeons rarely carry out odd bits of brain surgery here and there for fun or out of habit during their vacations. Geographers can hardly avoid doing geography at any time, wherever they may be.

For a Geographer, vacations are exactly the time when we are most likely to find ourselves embroiled in some new and exciting adventure. Work as a Geographer, especially for a Geographer involved in teaching, throws up constant adventures through the year, but a vacation opens up at least two major new avenues of opportunity and pleasure. The first, of course, as with any job, is a release from routine duties and an opportunity to let the mind rest and wander. The second is the possibility of being in a new place and doing new things. Many of us take at least one small trip during a vacation, and many of us take several big trips. Whether your trip is to the other side of the world or to visit a relative just a few streets away, take the opportunity to make the most of this opportunity for geographical adventure!

Geography is about noticing things in the world around you, seeing how things fit together, and appreciating the world more. What better opportunity to do that than when on vacation. Make the most of it.

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