Geography still exists

I was pleased this week to see a job advert that confirmed my increasingly unfashionable belief that Geography still exists. Many of my colleagues tell me that other than for the purposes of low-level teaching there is no such thing as Geography, only its specialist subsections which are, alone, its value at research level. I therefore enjoyed an email from a colleague in North America describing a job opening for a Coastal Geographer. If you think that in the higher levels of academia specialism is the only route to employment, consider this message about a job opening at the University of California in Los Angeles:

“I write to inform you (and, hopefully, your students and other networks) of a position that is available in the Department of Geography at UCLA. The call is for a “Coastal Geographer”.  The position is open for both social and physical scientists, but any hire will likely need significant expertise in both human and physical aspects of coastal development, sea level change, etc.”





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