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meI’ve been calling myself a Geographer since the mid-1970s, and I’ve been teaching Geography since the mid-1980s, but I still feel as if I’m just trying to find my way, exploring and learning as I go. Most of the pages in my atlas are still blank: I’m not sure I know much! Nevertheless, over the years I’ve done a lot of Geography and have reached the stage where I am often called on to give advice not only to students but to colleagues. I’m not sure my advice is necessarily much use, but this blog is somewhere for me to put things out there in public just in case anybody is interested in these blundering explorations – let’s call them ramblings – through the work of a day-to-day Geographer.

For those of you who like names and numbers, my name is Peter G Knight and I studied Geography at Oxford (BA) and Aberdeen (PhD). I am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS) and a Chartered Geographer. I am a Fellow of the  Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and holder of an HEA National Teaching Fellowship (NTF).  I like maps, I like walking in wild country, and I quite enjoy colouring in.

If you really want to find out more about me, you can follow the links from the “Find me Online” page.